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chlarkfans's Journal

Chlark Fans: A place for Chloe/Clark fans
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All Members , Moderated
Chlark Fans: A place for Chloe/Clark fans
Chlark Fans: A place for all Chloe/Clark fans
Because Chlark shippers and just fans of the Chlark friendship should be all together under one roof!
Really, would there even be a ship without such a strong friendship?
Whether you are fan of the Chlark(Chloe/Clark) friendship, or you are a die hard Chlark shipper this is the place for you! We want to hear from you! We want to hear what you have to say, your speculation, ideas, fanfictions, and see your fanvideos.

This is a place for all things Chlark - ship, AND/OR friendship.

001. The Rules
[-] This is a place for both friendship and shipper fans.
However, it is important to note, whether you are here for the friendship or the shipping, hate on either of these will not be tolerated. Hate on any one person's shipping preferences will not be tolerated - whether it is clark/lana, or clark/chloe. Remember that some people can ship more then one person with other people (I sure as hell do). This is a place for Clark/Chloe love. That is all.
If you do hate, you will be contacted by one of the moderators and warned. If it continues, you do risk being banned from the community.
Now, if someone is attacking your shipping preferences, or Chlark in general, please feel free to let a mod know, but it is also important to have proof of the accusations - take screenshots of the post or the comments in question, just in case. Us mods don't want to reprimand or punish people for things that could just be a misconception.

[-] What can I post here?
You can post anything here that relates to Chlark and/or Tom Welling and Allison Mack.
The one thing we do not allow being posted here is icons. We ask that you do not post your icons here, there are plenty of Smallville communities that allow you to post your icons, this is not one of them. However, if you have a wallpaper and or banner that is just Chlark you are more then welcome to post that here.

[-] Posts are moderated
Friendship and ships can be a tricky subject, so we moderate posts here. All that means is when you submit a post, it will have to be approved by one of the lovely mods here at the community. Don't worry, it shouldn't take too long. And if one of your posts is rejected, we will of course message you and let you know.

[-] Spoilers
If you are posting things about Season Eight, we ask that you put it behind a lj-cut.

[-] LJ-cut
Also, regarding lj-cuts, if you are posting large images, or embedded videos, please put them behind a cut. If you have any doubts, your best bet is to just put it behind a cut.

002. The Mods
If you have any questions, concerns, or are just lonely and want to chat, feel free to contact one of your moderators.
[-] Cael // syxstring can be contacted via livejournal message, or at cmspillane@gmail.com
[-] // _touched
[-] Jay // crippled can be contacted via livejournal message, or at thebigfatkillATgmail.com

003. Affiliates
[-] smallville - your number one place for all things Smallville related.

If you would like to be an affiliate please contact one of the mods, or leave a comment

004. Places of Interest
Other places you might be interested in checking out if you like this community

005. Credits
Thanks so much to jour for the beautiful layout we are using here at the community.